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Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr
Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr
Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr
Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr
Am Dahliengarten 1
53474 Bad Neuenahr
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Ayurveda source²

The 2500 year old healing art of Ayurveda comes from India. This creates the connection between body, sensory organs, mind and soul. Ayurveda reconciles an imbalance of the compounds of the individual elements. On the basis of intensive training in accordance with Ayurvedic philosophy, we developed a concept that adapts the traditional knowledge of today.

Feel and experience the pleasant feeling of Ayurveda in an oriental world. Let yourself be carried away into an Indian atmosphere with spicy scents, candlelight, oriental oils, distant sounds and the quiet splashing of a wall fountain composed of hundreds of mosaic tiles.

We look forward to seeing you!
Your Inge Hirsch and Team

An excerpt from the numerous Ayurveda treatments of our beauty farm Inge Hirsch. Every Ayurveda treatment is preceded by a free dosha analysis. Of course we will be happy to advise you personally.

Ayurvedic back massage (Upanaha Sveda)
Deeply effective relaxation of the musculature. (Duration: approx. 45 min.)
Price € 50 p.p.

Ayurvedic head massage (Mukabhyanga)
Tension in the head, neck and shoulder area. (Duration: approx. 45 min.)
Price € 60 p.p.

Ayurvedic full body massage (Abhyanga)
The body is treated and massaged with oils tailored to your needs. (Duration: approx. 75 min. incl. rest phases)
Price € 95 p.p.

Silk glove massage (Garshan)
A metabolism-stimulating full-body massage with natural gloves improves the appearance of your skin. (Duration: approx. 60 min.)
Price € 75 p.p.

Small forehead casting (Shirodahra)
A light jet of slightly tempered oil is poured onto the forehead. Harmony of body, mind and soul. (Duration: approx. 30 min.)
Price € 40 p.p.

Boreh body peeling
Relaxing and warming effect promotes blood circulation. (Duration approx. 30 min.)
Price € 32 p.p.

Lulur peeling
Stimulates the metabolism. (Duration approx. 30 min.)
Price € 32 p.p.

Ginger- Limau Purut Body Wrap
Activates the metabolism. (Duration: approx. 40 min.)
Price € 59 p.p.

Oriental sandalwood bath
soothes and moisturizes. (Duration: approx. 30 min.)
Price € 30 p.p.

² Please note that all wellness and SPA applications are third-party services and the responsibility for the organization and execution of all services in the hands of the of the respective designated organizer. Organizer: Beautyfarm Inge Hirsch | Owner Mrs. Inge Hirsch | Hardtstr. 2a | 53474 Bad Neuenahr | Phone: +49 26 41 - 91 68 80 | Mail: