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Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr
Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr
Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr
Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr
Am Dahliengarten 1
53474 Bad Neuenahr
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Ms Caroline Friedrich

Health Source²

Wellness has become more and more important in recent years. With increasing awareness, also with regard to health and physical well-being, wellness applications are increasingly seen as a balance to stressful everyday life.

In our fast-moving times, places of rest and relaxation are an important basis for health and mental balance.

On the following pages we would like to inform you about our applications. We would be happy to take the time for you personally and advise you individually.

Partial massage
Shoulder, neck area are released from tension.
Price € 20 p.p. (20 min.)

Head and neck massage
Tensions in the head and neck area are loosened.
Price € 35 p.p. (30 min.)

Classic massage
Deep physical relaxation is achieved through a combination of classic massage and warm oils.
Price € 59 p.p. (50 min.)

Sea salt algae bath stimulates the metabolism and transfers minerals, trace elements and vitamins into the body for € 30 p.p. (30 min.)

Lavender bath helps with unrest and relieves cramps.
Price € 30 p.p. (30 min.)

The healing chalk pack releases tensions with warmth and detoxifies the organism.
Price € 49 p.p. (30 min.)

Algae sludge pack
Detoxifies the body, water accumulation is reduced.
Price € 57 p.p. (40 min.)

² Please note that all wellness and SPA applications are third-party services and the responsibility for the organization and execution of all services in the hands of the of the respective designated organizer. Organizer: Beautyfarm Inge Hirsch | Owner Mrs. Inge Hirsch | Hardtstr. 2a | 53474 Bad Neuenahr | Phone: +49 26 41 - 91 68 80 | Mail: